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Invisalign Provider Los Angeles

Invisalign Provider Los AngelesIf you are unhappy with your current smile and want to change it, you might want to consider dental correction with Invisalign, which corrects teeth without many of the problems associated with metal braces. Our Los Angeles Invisalign provider can get you started and guide the transformation of your smile. During treatment, your friends and family will not even know that you are wearing the invisible aligners. Your teeth will be moved into position gently, and you can remove your aligners before eating or cleaning. Here is more about the advantages of Invisalign and who is eligible for this treatment.

Several benefits have made Invisalign a popular alternative to metal braces. Metal braces may be worn for more than two years, but Invisalign can usually correct teeth in just a year. During Invisalign treatment, fewer visits are necessary than during treatment with metal braces. Because no metal wires and brackets are involved, Invisalign treatment does not tend to irritate the mouth. Patients can more easily keep their teeth healthy throughout treatment thanks to their ability to remove their aligners as necessary. Finally, the discretion of Invisalign treatment makes it ideal for socially minded adults.

Los Angeles Invisalign Provider

Most, but not all, patients are eligible for Invisalign treatment. Because Invisalign works best on fully developed jaws, children usually need other treatments. Invisalign is also not an option for some adults who have several porcelain veneers or major bridgework. Still, patients should speak with our Invisalign provider in Los Angeles to find out whether they are candidates. Some patients may achieve the best results through a combination of procedures, possibly including Invisalign.

Our Los Angeles Invisalign provider will be happy to consult with you and determine whether you can receive this treatment. For every patient who qualifies, a unique treatment plan is developed based on computer images and dental impressions for the best outcome. Some patients may also be shown a preview of how their teeth will eventually look. Treatment with Invisalign offers fast, dependable correction of smiles for better functioning and increased confidence. To learn more about how Invisalign works and find out whether you may be a candidate, contact our Invisalign provider in Los Angeles today.

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