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Los Angeles Invisalign

Los Angeles InvisalignHow do you feel about your smile? Crooked or improperly spaced teeth can detract from the beauty of your smile and negatively affect your smile confidence. They can also affect your dental health and increase your risk of a number of dental health problems. We offer a range of treatments that can improve the appearance and the health of your smile. Our Los Angeles Invisalign dentist can use Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth and jaws.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment process that uses orthodontic appliances rather than metal brackets and wires. These appliances are clear, plastic mouth trays that are customized to fit your teeth. At you initial treatment consultation, our Los Angeles Invisalign provider will evaluate your smile. Dental images will be used to craft your treatment plan. Each stage of treatment will be designed to make certain precise movements that result in a beautifully straight, even smile. A special dental laboratory will make a series of aligners for each stage, and you will replace your aligners every two weeks as your teeth are gently moved into position.

The goal of orthodontic treatment is not just to improve the appearance of your smile but also its health and overall function. Invisalign is removable, which means that you can keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout treatment without needing any extensive regimens or special tools. You can continue eating your favorite healthy foods without the fear of damaging your orthodontics because you can simply remove your aligners during meals and snacks. Checkups with our Los Angeles Invisalign expert can help keep your treatment on track, but you will need fewer orthodontic visits because you can change your own aligners according to your treatment schedule. Regular checkups on your progress along with professional cleanings and exams will play an important role in your smile’s health and the success of your treatment plan.

Every smile is unique, which means that every treatment plan will also be unique. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with our Los Angeles Invisalign dentist.

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